Selling AWN products increases customer loyalty, and helps protect your customers against costly repairs.

AWN sets the benchmark in new product development, customer service, and providing our agents with the tools to create new and repeat business. From a sole trader to a multi-franchise dealership or manufacturer, we have the experience to identify profit opportunities where others only see challenges.

All companies are not created equal.

Australian Warranty Network Pty Ltd (AWN) has been a leading provider of Mechanical Breakdown Insurance products in Australia since 1992. We specialise in maximising every opportunity, whether you want to attract new customers, generate revenue, or increase customer loyalty. Our programs create an opportunity with every purchase.

AWN achieves this through our unique integration of marketing, administration and claims management that inspires us to design programs that better connect our products and services to your customer. Every aspect of our products and services are routinely evaluated to achieve maximum customer satisfaction because we understand the more our products can do for your customer, the more they can do for you.

AWN protects your bottom line while increasing profitability at the point of sale and in the future through your service departments with the opportunity of performing regular servicing and repairs. Combine this with the added benefit of protecting your customers against costly mechanical repairs; selling AWN products increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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We provide prompt, precise claims processing.

How we manage our customer’s claims sets us apart from all others. AWN understands that customer service is the most important job we do. Our professional team in our claims call centre bring many years of experience from all areas of the mechanical repair, spare parts, and customer service industries.

AWN makes it easier for your customers to claim with streamline processes, no claim forms, and high-tech infrastructure such as digital call prioritising and call recording for training and compliance tracking.

AWN is focused on providing your customers with a quick, seamless and stress free claims experience.

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AWN makes life easier for your sales team. If you’re looking for a partner to grow with your organisation, develop your personnel, and maximise your profitability in a compliant and service orientated manner, look no further than AWN Insurance.

AWN has developed a web based RTO approved Tier 2 in General Advise training program called NYK. NYK is a self paced training program that will provide your team with the knowledge required to achieve competency so they can issue financial products on behalf of AWN. After the successful completion of NYK, AWN will provide continued training and support to your sales team, keeping them fully compliant and focused on the benefits of the AWN products.

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Oasys Online

Oasys, AWN’s online application system, provides even greater tools and flexibility to manage your program, delivering a precise solution for your unique business strategy.

Oasys provides dynamic support for your management and administration teams through our electronic suite of detailed, accurate and easy to use real-time reporting. Oasys provides you and your selected management team with 24/7 access to your current and historical product sales, earned revenue and customer contract data. Oasys assists your management team to stay focused on the job at hand - growing your organisation and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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The more our products can do for your customer, the more they can do for you.

With over 1 million products currently in force, over 25 years’ experience in the industry, a balanced process of high-tech infrastructure, comprehensive products and motivated personnel, AWN offers solutions that benefit your organisation and your customers. Choosing the right partner is critical to your reputation and your profitability. Make the right choice with AWN Insurance.

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